Authentic Thai Food Delivery to Newton, MA

Look no further than Amarin of Thailand for the most delicious and authentic Thai food near Newton, MA. Our restaurant is only a short 15-minute drive from Newton, so our delivery team is more than happy to deliver right to your door! We are a family-run business that has been around for over 30 years. We know you won’t be disappointed with our menu. Take a look! 

Curry Delivery to Newton, MA

Red curry, yellow curry, green curry, black pepper curry…we have it all! Curry dishes are some of the most popular Thai dishes and we’re thrilled to offer some of the most tasteful in the area. Two of our most popular curry dishes are our black pepper curry and our Hangley curry. Our black pepper curry dish contains sliced chicken breast, ginger, mango, and cashew nuts with an abundance of zesty spices and coconut milk. Our hangley curry is a tamarind-based dry curry with a hint of aromatic turmeric, string beans, asparagus, potato, and basil leaves. You won’t be disappointed by either of these dishes! 


Thai Noodle Delivery to Newton, MA

Who doesn’t love noodles? At Amarin of Thailand, we have a handful of delicious noodle dishes that our customers can’t get enough of. Our most famous noodle dish is of course our Pad Thai. Our Pad Thai noodles include fried shrimp, ground peanuts, eggs, and bean sprouts. Another customer favorite noodle dish is our Crazy Noodles. This dish consists of fried fresh rice noodles with ground chicken, Thai eggplant, onions, sweet basil leaves, and hot peppers. Don’t worry, we have vegetarian noodle options too! Just give us a call or check out our menu online to see. 


Thai Food Catering Services in Newton, MA

Have a big function or meeting coming up? Change up the menu by ordering Thai food instead of the normal pizza or pasta. We have tons of amazing dishes on our catering menu that we offer in larger quantities. Not sure how much food to order? Just let us know how many people are attending your event and we’ll know exactly how much food you’ll need. 

Have questions about our menu or catering services? Don’t hesitate to contact us! 781-239-1350