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How to Cook Thai Food for Vegetarians and Vegans

It is well-known in the culinary industry that Thai cuisine is one of the most accessible for people who follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. With vegetable-heavy dishes and a penchant for using coconut milk rather than dairy, Thai food is a good option for folks with dietary restrictions.

Thai food is also easy to cook at home. If you’re looking to spice up what you cook for your go-to meals, consider giving Thai food a try. It’s the perfect way to add variety to any vegetarian or vegan diet.

Tom Yum Soup

If making this traditional Thai soup yourself, you can leave out the seafood it typically calls for to make it friendly to vegetarians and vegans. Tom yum soup is broth-based and calls for plenty of veggies. This soup can be a satisfying option by choosing a vegetable broth and loading up on the ingredients like Thai chiles and other vegetables.

Som Tam Thai

Som tam Thai, also known as papaya salad, is famous in Thai cuisine. It’s pretty simple to make on your own as long as you have the right ingredients, and it is inherently vegan/vegetarian so long as you don’t add any meat or seafood. Fresh papaya, chiles, tomatoes, and beans combine to create a refreshing and tasty salad that can serve as a starter or your main entree. 


While curry made in Thai restaurants tends to include fish or seafood products, making your own curry can ensure that it only uses ingredients you’re comfortable eating. All it takes is some curry paste and coconut milk to make a deliciously simple sauce that you can pour over rice for the perfect base for your meal.

Pad Thai

Pad thai is a versatile meal well suited for substitutes and replacements. It traditionally comes with noodles topped with sauce, egg, nuts, and sprouts, but leaving out the egg is an easy way to make this a vegan meal. It is also ideal for vegetarians as long as it is made without meat.

What to Keep in Mind When Ordering Out

While some Thai dishes may seem vegetarian or vegan-friendly, be sure to ask questions if you’re dining out. Many Thai spots are more than happy to accommodate your needs so long as they know what you can and cannot eat.

Shrimp, seafood, and fish products are popular flavors added to many Thai sauces and dishes, so even if a meal doesn’t come with meat or fish, it’s possible that it still contains these products. Your server or even the chef themselves will be able to tell you whether or not there are any ingredients in a given dish you wouldn’t want to consume.

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