Lychee Martinis

Why are Lychee Martini’s So Popular?

The lychee’s sweet, almost floral taste seems like it would be a natural fit for a cocktail. And even though in some circles, the Lychee Martini, or Lycheetini, has a similar reputation as the Appletini or the Cosmo as a trendy drink, Lychee Martinis continue to prevail as a favorite!  Why do people love the Lychee martini so much? Follow along as we list several factors that keep the Lychee Martini on the popular cocktails list and why you should visit Amarin of Thailand to try one!

Lychee Martinis Are Actual Martinis

In the world of trendy drinks, many bartenders call a drink a martini when they’re just vodka, gin, and some fruit. A lychee martini is a martini with all the classic elements of a traditional martini. It’s got vodka and dry vermouth only. The only differentiating factor is that the Lychee Martini uses lychee syrup and lychee fruit as a garnish instead of olives.

They’re Sweet Drinks Without The Stigma

Sweet drinks get a bad rap among serious cocktail drinkers. However, these neon-colored creations that are more sugary juices and syrups than alcohol will forever brand anyone drinking them as someone with bad taste. But a Lychee Martini is deceptively sweet. It’s light and sweet but looks like an average martini, creating the perfect cocktail for someone looking for sweetness and the appearance of something more potent.

Everyone Loves A Delicious Snack

The lychee fruit used as garnish isn’t just a garnish. It’s an alcohol-soaked mouthful of sweet fruit that really hits the spot when you’re drinking. Lychees have a very subtle taste, but they are a great snack, especially when you’re craving something to offset the bitterness of some of the alcohol. They’re also fantastic with spicy food. So if you’re having a spicy snack and a Lychee Martini, you’re getting a spicy sweet alcoholic treat. Try a Lychee Martini with your next spicy meal from Amarin of Thailand! 

They Encourage People To Try New Things

Step out of your comfort zone with a Lychee Martini from Amarin of Thailand. People who have never tried an exotic fruit can start with lychee because it has such a subtle taste. And people who have never tried a martini can try a Lycheetini because the sweet fruit makes the heft of the classic martini less intimidating. 

They’re Delicious

Does there need to be any other reason than they are delicious? When you’re out enjoying yourself, a sweet classic martini with some delicious fruit is the perfect way to have a sophisticated evening with friends or someone you love. 

Try A Lychee Martini From Amarin of Thailand

Have you always wanted to try a Lychee Martini? Amarin of Thailand can help you achieve this goal! Come visit our restaurant in Wellesley today and discover our delicious menu! For more information, please call us today at 781-239-1350!

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