Authentic Thai Food Delivery in Westwood, MA

Take advantage of authentic Thai food delivered straight to your door in Westwood, MA! At Amarin of Thailand, we are a family-run small business that has been around for decades!

Check out our full menu, or continue reading to see some of our favorite selections!

Amarin Thai Specialties for Delivery in Westwood, MA

Among the most popular Thai dishes are curry dishes, and we are pleased to offer some of the best. With a range of spices, we offer green, yellow, and red curry to fit which type of heat you are craving from this curry dish. Whether you’re looking for a sweet dish, a spicy dish, or a combination of both, we have what you’re looking for. Throughout our extensive menu, we’ll make sure to provide you and other Westwood residents with the best Thai food, and deliver it straight to your door!

Thai Pan Fried Dishes for Delivery in Westwood, MA

Alternatively, at Amarin of Thailand, we offer specialty pan-fried dishes for those who enjoy seafood, meat, and vegetarian dishes rather than our classic noodle and curry selections. We always push the boundaries with our dishes and enjoy creating the perfect sweet and spicy blend. Try out our classics like sweet and sour or something new like a chicken pineapple pan-fried dish. Visit our profile on Grubhub or smiledining to browse through our mouthwatering menu. 

Thai Catering Services in Westwood, MA

Change the way you are catering your next private event with authentic Thai food! Choose your favorite dishes to be recreated in catering size. We’ll be sure to make enough for everyone at your event if you don’t know how much to order. In addition to vegan and vegetarian options, we also offer gluten-free options. 


Have questions about our menu or catering services? Don’t hesitate to contact us by calling our restaurant at 781-239-1350!