Thai iced tea

The Captivating History of Thai Iced Tea

Looking for a delicious, refreshing, and sweet drink? Thai iced tea is one of the most popular beverages as its full of flavor and quenches your thirst perfectly. Its captivating history also keeps iced tea lovers always coming back for more. 

Similar to other Thai cuisines, this Thai drink quickly became popular worldwide once everyone started tasting its amazing flavor. Keep reading to learn the incredible history of Thai iced tea and how it became such a popular drink to not only Thais but everyone around the world. 


What Is Thai Iced Tea?

Thai iced tea starts with a base of strong black tea. After it’s brewed you’ll add condensed milk to give it a smooth and creamy texture. Lastly, you’ll add in the ice to help it stay cold and refreshing. 

Some people really make it their own by adding evaporated milk or different spices to enhance the tea’s flavor. You’ll usually know the difference between regular iced tea and Thai iced tea because of its color. Thai iced tea is usually very orange. 


The Origin of Thai Iced Tea

Tea is a relatively new commodity in Thailand. When tea became a popular beverage to serve with a variety of meals, it is believed that a Thai leader with an interest in Western culture invented Thai iced tea. Other flavorings that are commonly added to Thai iced tea today were not present originally. 

Soon after its creation, Thai iced tea began to be served with street food before making its way into restaurants and homes. When it became popular, it became a staple beverage in neighboring regions as well as overseas!


How Thai Iced Tea Became Popular

 Thai food quickly become popular in North America, which meant that Thai iced tea was also becoming popular. Thai iced tea’s sweet, smooth, and creamy flavor was ideal for washing down the rich, flavorful taste of well-received Thai dishes.

Thai restaurants in the Western world began to include Thai tea on their menus. They started to add different flavorings as well as orange food coloring to make the tea more appealing to Americans. Thai iced tea is now an American favorite! 


Try Thai Iced Tea Today

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