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Debunking These 4 Thai Food Myths 

You might absolutely love Thai food but only from your favorite Thai restaurant. Maybe you’ve visited another Thai restaurant and don’t believe the food is as good as the place you regularly order from. You’re probably wondering, “shouldn’t all Thai food be the same?” “Shouldn’t pad thai taste the same no matter where you order from?”

This probably makes you wonder how Thai food in the US is different from Thai food in Thailand. There are a handful of Thai food myths that you’ve probably often heard. Here are 4 myths about Thai food that need to be debunked ASAP. 

1. Thai food is always spicy

Some people order Thai food and make sure it’s extremely spicy since that is their preference. Others have heard that Thai food is often spicy and are apprehensive about what Thai dish they’ll order. The truth is that not all Thai food is spicy. While spicy chilis are a main ingredient in a lot of Thai food, the same dishes can often be made without. Not all dishes have to include the spice. So next time you’re ordering Thai food and don’t want it spicy, just tell the chef! 


2. Thai food is vegetarian

It’s true that a lot of Thai dishes include sauces and vegetables, however,  not all Thai dishes are vegetarian. Some Thai dishes include meat as part of the course. There are often meat broths used for sauces too. Fish sauce is also a common ingredient in Thai dishes. So whether you’re a vegetarian or not, you’ll be able to find a delicious meal for yourself at any Thai restaurant. 


3. Coconut milk is always used in Thai food

Some people believe that in every Thai dish coconut milk is used. While coconut milk is often used in many Thai recipes, especially in curries, it is not an absolute ingredient. You’ll likely find coconut milk in many Thai desserts but if you’re allergic or just don’t like coconut milk it’s possible to get Thai dishes without it. 


4. Use of Herbs

In most Thai dishes, an abundance of herbs is often used. Herbs such as basil, chili, cumin, etc. play an important role in Thai dishes. In the most authentic Thai dishes, herbs are used very generously. However, don’t be afraid of the number of herbs you might see listed in a Thai dish. All of these herbs are combined to create the perfect flavor that the specific dish needs. They also give the Thai food the delicious flavor and freshness that it needs as well. 


Order Thai Food in Wellesley, MA

If you’re a regular Thai food eater then you probably know most of these myths are not true. However, these myths are often what makes a less experienced Thai food eater turned off from the food. We’re here to debunk these myths so that everyone can enjoy Thai food the way we know everyone can! If you’re looking for some of the best Thai food in Wellesley, MA you have to try Amarin of Thailand. At Amarin of Thailand, you’ll find some of the most delicious Thai cuisines in the area and you definitely won’t regret your decision. If you have any questions about our menu don’t hesitate to reach out. Give us a call at 781-239-1350!

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