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Is Thai Food Healthy? The Nutritional Benefits of Thai Food

Have you been looking for a takeout option that is healthier than most? Maybe you’re looking for some delicious takeout that is filled with nutrients instead of just empty calories.  Well, Thai cuisine could be your answer! Thai food has plenty of healthy choices and the food is filled with nutrients, especially at Amarin of Thailand in Wellesley, MA! Continue reading for all the nutritional benefits you can expect from Thai food! 

Use of Ginger and Turmeric

Ginger is an ingredient found in a lot of Thai dishes. It’s used in a lot of Thai pastes as it is sweet, tangy, and even a bit spicy. Ginger also has some amazing health benefits! Ginger is known to reduce inflammation and joint pain. This makes it a great thing to eat if you suffer from either of those problems. It is also great for recovery after heavy exercise.

Turmeric is a main spice used in a lot of Thai dishes and is also known for its health benefits. It’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. It can also help improve symptoms of arthritis and depression.

Tofu is Great for Thai Dishes

A lot of Thai dishes work great with tofu! So, you could swap out any meat with tofu and you’ll still get all the delicious flavors of the dish. Tofu is great for your health as it is known to control blood sugar which reduces the risk of diabetes. You can find tofu in a number of Thai dishes, or like we mentioned above, you can substitute it in any dish you’d like! 

Thai Food is Full of Veggies

Not only is Thai food packed with veggies but they are also all the right types of veggies. Instead of starchy veggies, Thai food contains the most nutritious ones. Capsicum and broccoli are two of the main ones. These veggies add tons of vitamin C and iron to your Thai dish. 

A Balanced Meal

Thai dishes are usually very balanced meals. You’ll find veggies, protein, and a healthy carb such as rice or noodles. Your protein could be meat, fish, or tofu! All of these food groups combined make for a delicious, healthy, and balanced meal. This makes getting Thai takeout a lot more nutritious than most other takeout options. 

Order Thai Takeout in Wellesley

It’s easy to make Thai food healthy, so why not give it a try?! Our menu at Amarin of Thailand in Wellesley, MA has a variety of delicious and healthy dishes with tons of flavor. There are also tons to choose from so we guarantee there will be the perfect meal for everyone. Order online today or you can also come to visit us in person! If you have any other questions about our menu don’t hesitate to give us a call at 781-239-1350.

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