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Can Thai Food Be Gluten-Free?

Have you eliminated gluten from your diet? If so, you’re definitely not the only one. It’s been found that 6 in every 100 people are living off a gluten-free diet. 

When it comes to eating at restaurants, it’s sometimes tough to find gluten-free options. Luckily, if you choose Thai food, there are tons of gluten-free options available! Not only are they free of wheat and flour, but they are packed with delicious flavors. Continue reading for some insight into our favorite gluten-free Thai dishes! 

Gluten-Free Thai Soups

Nothing is better than a hot bowl of soup from the best Thai restaurant in Wellesley on a cold day or night! Amarin of Thailand has some delicious gluten-free Thai soups for you to enjoy. They are flavorful, unique, and are sure to satisfy your taste buds. 

Our Hot & Sour Shrimp Soup is an amazing gluten-free option. This soup is definitely a crowd favorite at our restaurant. It’s spiced with chili, lemongrass, mushrooms, and lime juice. 

We also have our Tom Klong Soup. This tasty gluten-free soup is a mild coconut soup seasoned with galanga, kaffir lime leaves, lime juice, and your choice of chicken, shrimp, or veggies! 

Gluten-Free Thai Curries

Many curries are naturally gluten-free, making them a safe meal for those avoiding flour and wheat. Thai curries usually consist of coconut milk (or water), curry paste, and herbs as their base. Then different meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and spices are added. 

Green curry uses coconut milk, eggplant, bell peppers, and sweet basil. Red curry features coconut milk, bamboo shoots, sweet basil, and bell peppers. Lastly, yellow curry is made with coconut milk, tomato, carrots, and potatoes. 

Gluten-Free Thai Seafood 

Thai cuisines often have a variety of seafood in them, making them packed with tons of protein. Most seafood Thai dishes are also gluten-free. 

Garlic prawns are an example of a delicious gluten-free Thai seafood dish. Chefs often saute the garlic prawns in garlic, pepper, and cilantro. 

One of our favorite gluten-free Thai seafood dishes at Amarin of Thailand is our Salmon Choo Chee. This dish consists of salmon topped with curry sauce, snow peas, baby corn, red pepper, and fresh basil leaves. 

Gluten-Free Thai Food in Wellesley, MA

Don’t worry about gluten-free options when you come to Amarin of Thailand. We have plenty of dishes for those avoiding gluten and they are just as tasty! Of course, our chefs can also make adjustments to other dishes so that they can be gluten-free too. 

Are you ready for some Thai food now? Come visit us today in Wellesley, MA or you can order online for delivery! Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 781-239-1350 if you have any questions about our menu.

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