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5 Flavorful & Healthy Thai Herbs

Thai food has some tasty and unique flavors thanks to the many herbs and spices used in Thai dishes. These herbs aren’t only delicious but they come with many health benefits as well. Continue reading to learn the health benefits of 5 specific Thai herbs that are delicious and will bring your Thai dishes to the next level!

Coriander (Cilantro)

Coriander is one of the main herbs used in a lot of Thai dishes. Both the leaf and the root are used since they each add different flavors to the dish. Some people aren’t the biggest fan of Coriander as it tends to have a bitter taste. However, if you love Thai food chances are you love coriander! Coriander is full of antioxidants. It lowers blood sugar levels and is great for your heart and brain health. 

Sweet Basil

Sweet basil is another popular herb used in Thai food. It tastes and smells like anise and is a core component of a lot of Thai dishes. It’s important not to mix up sweet basil with holy basil as they have very different flavors and will greatly change the taste of the dish. Sweet basil is also full of antioxidants. It also has many vitamins that are great for your heart and gut health.


Everyone loves mint! Mint is used all the time in Thai dishes mostly as a flavor enhancer or garnish. Mint is also always added to lemongrass tea because it adds to the sweet flavor. It has many health benefits, the main one being that it greatly helps digestion. Mint can soothe an irritable bowel as well as bring relief to you if you have indigestion. 


We’ve talked about ginger a lot in our blog posts because not only is it delicious and a key ingredient in Thai food, but it also brings great health benefits! Adding ginger to your diet helps reduce nausea, aids in digestion, and helps fight the flu and other common colds. Add ginger to any Thai dish for that extra kick and unique flavor! 


Krachai is a type of ginger root that’s used in many Asian dishes. Its health benefits include oral healing. It’s great for treating mouth ulcers and it also has aphrodisiac qualities 

Enjoy Thai Herbs at Amarin of Thailand

These are only a few of the main Thai herbs used in Thai dishes. There are many more delicious herbs that come with both flavor and health benefits. If you’re looking to enjoy some delicious Thai food visit us at Amarin of Thailand! We’re located in Wellesley, MA, and have some of the best Thai cuisines in the area. Check out our menu! If you have any questions or would like to order, give us a call at 781-239-1350.

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