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Health Benefits of Ginger – A Common Thai Cuisine Ingredient

When it comes to healthy ingredients, your mind probably jumps right to vegetables, nuts, fruits, etc. However, there is a superfood and extremely healthy ingredient in most Thai dishes that don’t fall into any of those categories. The ingredient is ginger! Ginger has tons of amazing health benefits and also assists in adding delicious flavor to your meal. In this article, we’ll explain the health benefits of ginger and why it’s an amazing ingredient in our Thai dishes. If you’re looking for delicious Thai food in Wellesley, choose Amarin of Thailand! 

Improves Nausea

Did your parents always tell you to drink ginger ale when you were nauseous and had a stomach ache as a kid? That’s because ginger is known to alleviate nausea! The smallest amount of ginger has the power to help with all types of nausea and stomach aches. This superfood’s powers can calm any stomach.

Lower Blood Sugar

Ginger has also been found to have anti-diabetic properties. By consuming just a little bit of ginger every day, people can greatly lower their blood sugar and improve their heart health. While some Thai dishes don’t have a ton of ginger, just a little bit can go a long way. 

Lower Cholesterol

Your cholesterol level is based on the food you eat. If you’re looking to lower your cholesterol, consuming more ginger is a fabulous choice. As mentioned above, ginger will help with your heart health which is linked to your cholesterol health as well. 

Reduce Muscle Pain 

Ginger is anti-inflammatory which shows that it will help with muscle pain and soreness. If you consume ginger when you’re sore from a workout, it won’t necessarily take the soreness away instantly. However, consistently consuming ginger will reduce muscle pain and soreness over time. 

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