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Your Guide to Thai Food by Region   

Whenever we think of Thai food we think of spicy dishes, creamy curries, and bright bold flavors. However, Thai food is different in each region. When you’re in Southern Thailand you won’t find the same food that’s in Northern Thailand. In this article, we’ll go through the 4 regions of Thailand and explain how the food in each region differs. If you’re looking for some of the best Thai food in Wellesley, MA, let Amarin of Thailand be your go-to! 

Southern Thailand

Southern Thailand dishes have some of the most intense flavors. Southern Thailand is located along the Gulf so there are tons of beautiful beaches around. Because of this, you’ll find a lot of seafood in Thai cuisines in this region. This area of Thailand also has an abundance of coconuts and pineapple which you’ll also find in a lot of the dishes. When eating in Southern Thailand you’ll be sure to have your choice of spicy or salty dishes along with some of the most flavorful curries. 

Northern Thailand

When you travel to Northern Thailand you’ll be closer to the mountains where it is a little cooler. Some of the main food you’ll find in Northern Thailand are fish, herbs, and vegetables. A lot of Thai cuisines in this region taste more on the bitter and sour side. The most popular dishes usually consist of broth, garlic, herbs, steamed veggies, and spices. 

Northeastern Thailand

Northeastern Thailand is also known as Issan. In this region, you’ll mostly find people who live there and not many tourists. The curries in this area are mainly broth-based rather than coconut milk-based. The dishes in this region also include some interesting types of protein such as insects, frogs, catfish, river prawns, etc. 

Central Thailand

Central Thailand has food that is most similar to what we find in American-Thai restaurants. These cuisines include a mixture of flavors from all the different regions, however, they have a lot less spice and salt in these dishes. In Central Thailand, you’ll find a lot of delicious Pad Thai which is one of the most popular Thai dishes. A lot of these dishes also have a lot of Chinese influence.

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