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What Are The Key Differences Between Thai Food & Chinese Food?

Have you had a long day or week and are looking for some delicious Asian food for dinner? Are you in the mood for something with a kick but can’t decide what to get? Should you go for Thai food or Chinese food? 

The options are endless. However, at Amarin of Thailand in Wellesley, we serve some of the best Thai food in the area! Our extensive menu offers a dish for everyone. Not quite sold yet? Here are some of the key differences between Thai food and Chinese food to help you really decide which one you want. 

Thai Food is Usually Healthier

Thai food is often a lot healthier than Chinese food. This is because Thai dishes focus a lot on having a variety of foods and a healthy balance. Thai foods are also a lot lighter as they don’t have as many heavy sauces and oils in their dishes like Chinese food does. Actually, most Thai dishes don’t use any oil at all. 

Thai Cuisines Are Always Prepared With Fresh Ingredients

Chinese food is usually made with frozen ingredients while Thai food is made with fresh ingredients. Thai cuisines use a lot of fresh ingredients such as onion, basil, chili paste or powder, mint, lemongrass, etc. All of these ingredients are fresh and ready to make your Thai dish taste that much better! 

Thai Food is Spicier 

Looking for that spicy kick? Thai food will give it to you! A lot of Thai dishes use fresh peppers to really give each dish a kick. Chinese food isn’t usually spicy besides maybe a few dishes here and there. Thai food also uses curry in their dishes which is an ingredient you won’t find in many Chinese dishes.  

Thai Food Incorporates Seafood

Seafood is usually the preferred protein in Thai dishes. Thai seafood gives the dishes a unique and delicious taste because of all the different ingredients mixed in with the seafood. Chinese dishes tend to mostly use pork as their staple protein.

Visit Amarin of Thailand in Wellesley, MA

You can’t go wrong with Thai food. Thai food is healthy, filling but not too heavy, and always has many different flavors that blend so nicely together. At Amarin of Thailand in Wellesley, we offer authentic Thai cuisine that will be sure to excite your taste buds. Our extensive menu always includes an array of dishes so it’s very likely we’ll have the perfect dish for everyone. Order takeout from us today or come dine-in with us! Contact us with any questions by giving us a call at 781-239-1350 or by filling out a contact form!

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