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Tips for Getting Your Kids to Start Eating Thai Food 

If Thai food is a favorite for you, it’s probably frustrating when all your kids want are chicken tenders and french fries while dining at a Thai restaurant. Or maybe you’re never even able to dine at a Thai restaurant knowing that your kids won’t eat anything on the menu. After all, if Thai food is something you love you probably want your kids to enjoy it as well. In this post, we are going to give you some tips on how to slowly but surely introduce Thai food to your children. 

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Cook Thai Food at Home

To start introducing your kids to Thai food, consider making some homemade Thai dishes. It is very likely that if your kids watch you make the food and know it’s homemade they’ll give it a try. You can even turn it into a family activity and have them help make it! Involve them in the whole process starting with taking them with you to the grocery store. Then, once you get home have them help in as many ways as possible. By feeling so involved it will give them an extra push and excitement to try the Thai food. 

Start Simple

There are some extremely flavorful and intense Thai dishes out there, however, those are not the ones you should have your kids start off with. Don’t start with any dishes that are too spicy or have too many different flavors. This could overwhelm your children’s taste buds and turn them right off from the food. 

Do some research on simple Thai dishes and go from there. You can make some fried rice, mango sticky rice, a few different types of meat with some Thai sauces, etc. There are plenty of Thai cuisines that will be perfect for kids to try for their first time. 

Don’t Offer Them Substitutes 

If you don’t want to make multiple dinners all the time, it’s important that you don’t offer your children substitutes. If they know chicken tenders or hotdogs are always an option, they’ll be pickier and always want those over what you’re making for dinner. If they really don’t like the food in front of them, give them food that you know they will eat that is not necessarily their favorite. This will make sure that they are fed but not teach them that they can have their favorite foods whenever they don’t like a dish you make. 

Be Patient 

When introducing your children to Thai food, be patient with them. Encourage them to at least try a few bites. If they really don’t like it, have a backup of food similar to Thai food such as rice or some chicken. Then the next time you make Thai food, have them try another few bites. Over time, your children might realize they are starting to enjoy Thai food and appreciate the tastes. 

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