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Thai Paste’s Must-Have Ingredients 

Thai food is delicious and a type of food everyone can enjoy! With an extremely broad menu that shows off an array of herbs and flavorful seasonings, it’s not hard for everyone to find a dish they love at Amarin of Thailand. What makes Thai cuisine so popular are the delicious ingredients that give Thai food it’s unique and amazing taste. 

Almost every Thai dish requires a paste of some sort. Thai pastes are a huge factor in the taste of each dish and definitely something that attracts people to Thai food. Believe it or not, Thai cuisine would taste a lot different without pastes. Here are some of the main ingredients used in Thai pastes that make Thai food so delicious and unique. 


Most Thai pastes are filled with shallots. If you don’t have shallots or are unable to find them, you can substitute green onions instead. It’s important to buy fresh vegetables when making Thai pastes because the vegetables have a huge influence on the flavor of the pastes. 


Everyone loves garlic which is why it’s another must-have ingredient in Thai pastes! Garlic brings an amazing flavor to all food, including Thai food. If you are making a Thai paste, make sure you have plenty of fresh garlic and don’t worry about having a heavy hand when adding it to your dish!


Thai food often has a little bit of a spicy kick! The spices in Thai cuisines are usually what attracts a lot of people to the food. Each dish requires a different type of chili, so take recommendations from the recipe you are making. We use many different types of chilies in our pastes at Amarin of Thailand. For the most part, you can’t ever go wrong with the chilies you choose! 

Thai Chili Pepper

For those of you that love spicy food, Thai chili peppers will bring your pastes to the next level. However, it’s not absolutely unbearably spicy. Thai chili peppers are a staple to Thai dishes so even if you don’t like too much spice, make sure to still add a few Thai chili peppers. 

Lemon Grass

Lemongrass is found in almost all Thai pastes. It can be chopped up and mixed into the paste or kneaded into the paste. Kneading lemongrass into your paste will give you a simple scent and flavor while chopping it up and mixing it in will give you a stronger lemongrass flavor. Whether you chop it or knead it will depend on what type of dish you’re making the paste for. 

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