Vegan Thai Dish

How To Order Vegan Thai Food

For someone who chooses to go by a vegan diet, it can be challenging at times when your friends or family decide to try something new to eat. When you make food yourself it is easy to prepare it vegan, but what about when you want to try a new restaurant or cuisine? It’s possible to order from a Thai restaurant while keeping your vegan diet, you just need to know what to look out for. While most Thai dishes seem like they are vegan there are sometimes hidden non-vegan ingredients like cheese, butter, milk, etc. Here are some questions and things to be aware of when ordering at your local Thai restaurant. 

Beware of Fish

Currie dishes are often made with shrimp or fish sauce and it won’t necessarily tell you that on the menu. Before you order, do a little bit of research to find out what kind of sauce is in the dish. If the sauce is a fish sauce, simply ask for it to be made without the sauce or ask for them to substitute a vegan-friendly sauce. 

Check for Eggs

Traditional pad thai dishes usually include eggs, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still order it! Ask the person taking your order if it’s possible for it to be made without egg and fish sauce. Many Thai restaurants including Amarin of Thailand will be able to make the dish vegan-friendly while still having delicious flavors. 

Talk With Your Waiter or the Chef

Many restaurants pride themselves on being able to customize their dishes for customers with allergies, dietary restrictions, etc. So simply talk to your waiter or the chef about what they can do for you. The last thing you want to do is go out to eat with friends or family and not order anything just because you don’t want to ask some questions. Thai cuisine can easily be customized to meet your dietary needs. At Amarin of Thailand, we will happily answer any questions and accommodate you the best we can so that you can still enjoy delicious Thai cuisine. 

Don’t Forget Dessert

Most Thai restaurants have unique desserts that are usually vegan-friendly. Once again, ask exactly how the desserts are made to ensure it includes ingredients that you can eat. The staff at Amarin of Thailand will always be happy to answer your questions and accommodate you the best we can! 

Craving Vegan Thai Food? Visit Amarin of Thailand in Wellesley, MA

Let Amarin of Thailand located in Wellesley, MA be your go-to for the most delicious Thai cuisine in the area. We’ll gladly accommodate any dietary restrictions you may have. Check out our lunch and dinner menus and contact us with any questions! We hope you think of us the next time you’re in the mood for amazing Thai food! 

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