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People who emigrated from Southern China to Thailand many years ago brought with them the idea of Thai food. With influences from both European cuisine and Japanese cuisine, Thai food soon became its own cuisine. Thai cuisine has very unique tastes that include everything from sweet to sour, bitter to salty, and of course spicy. People often have questions and misconceptions about Thai cuisine. Here are some frequently asked questions about Thai food to help you better understand.

How are Thai dishes classified? 

Thai dishes are usually classified into 4 types which are rice dishes, side dishes, desserts, and main dishes. The rice dishes vary from each region. The north and north-eastern regions prefer sticky rice dishes while the central regions prefer fragrant rice dishes. The side dishes include curries, soups, stir-fries, salads, and dips. 

Thai desserts are usually made up of sugar, coconut, and rice flour. Some other desserts also include chestnuts, sweet potato, and taro. The main Thai dishes are a mixture of meat, vegetables, and fried rice or noodles. 

What’s the difference between Thai curries and other Southern Asian curries?

Thai curries are known to use a lot of coconut milk which makes them more liquid-based than other south Asian curries. Thai curries also have a mixture of both meat and vegetables in them. In other South Asian countries, they usually keep their meat curries and vegetable curries separate. The last way in which these curries are different is in the spices that are used. Thai cuisine usually uses spice in a paste form which offers more intense flavors. 

Has Thai Food Always Been Spicy?

Thai food definitely used to be spicier and hotter back in the day. More recently, the style of Thai cooking has changed a bit and instead of using a ton of heavy spices, they are now using more fresh herbs in a lot of dishes. This has shifted Thai dishes to become less spicy and more herb flavored.

What is Thai food etiquette?

Thai food etiquette is very unique to Thai culture. You should always start your meal with a spoonful of rice. This is because rice is such an important part of Thai culture. Next, you should only take a few spoonfuls at a time from the serving dishes. Always make sure to leave some food in the serving dishes. This is done out of respect for the host. Lastly, always eat your rice with a spoon or fork. Thai cultures don’t usually use chopsticks. 

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